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HOOK: In the future, students might have more opportunities to attend a home school and they can make a choice between home school or traditional school . Which would you prefer?

BACKGROUND: Parents often debate about the best place to educate their children and nowadays, they often must consider if homeschool or traditional school is the best choice.

THESIS: There are some similarities between home school and studying in a traditional school, however there are also many differences. I am going to discuss some similarities and differences between these two ways for (methods of) education.


First of all, let’s look at the similarities between these two methods of education. Both of these ways have a similar routine and a similar structure. For example, students can study the same subjects, have the same lunch break and do the same projects. In addition, both ways give students the chance to learn if they want to learn and develop their knowledge and develop their personality. Moreover, there is a similarity between the text books so the basic information on the course will be the same.


On the other hand, there are many differences between homeschool and traditional school. For example, when a student studies at home, they are more individual because they have their own opinions, likes and dislikes. This means they have their own personality and other people have less influence. Also, students educated at home can learn faster, whereas in traditional schools too many things happen in the classroom and learning is usually slower. For this reason, students have a better chance to learn more at home. Finally, at a traditional schools students have the chance to socialize and make new friends, while at home they have just the teacher and they haven’t the same chance to develop their social skills.


In conclusion, these are some of the similarities and differences between homeschool and traditional school.


On the one hand, they both have a similar routine, a similar chance to learn and the textbooks are also similar. On the other hand, they are different because homeschool is more individual, there are less chances to meet new friends and the learning is usually faster. OPINION Finally, if you go to homeschool or traditional school you still have to study a lot and really want to succeed, so in the end, I believe both of these ways give a student a good education.

Nowadays To consider
Must consider- have to think about
Chance – opportunity
To develop – to build up , increase
To develop social skills
Own – belongs to you only
More influence on someone- can change someone’s mind easily Less influence on someone- can change someone’s mind easily Basic-
To socialize – to chat to and meet new people, chatting and talking To be sociable – more chance to be sociable
To succeed – to come out positively and get what you want, achieve benefits

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Homeschooling vs. Public Schools
Emile Peponoulas

- Why might parents choose to home school their children? "Parents of 136 homeschooled elementary children completed questionnaires assessing constructs derived from the parental involvement literature and personal beliefs identified in the homeschooling literature as important to parents’ decisions to home school. Results suggest that home-schooling parents appear to be motivated by an active role construction, strong sense of efficacy for helping the child learn, and positive perceptions of life context"(1). This shows that parents who choose to home school are very motivated to allow their children to succeed as best they can, also that they would want their children to learn every…show more content…

This is talking about the drugs and violence which may come along with your child's public school education. These things are very common in schools, and are not easily avoidable.

- Does the education level between the two differ? "Homeschoolers have the freedom to progress quickly in the subjects at which they excel, while spending more time on the subjects that are a challenge for them. They are not tied to the timetable of the classroom"(5). This just says that if children are at home they have the choice of focusing more on the subjects which they are struggling rather than just zooming through the ones in which they excel. This can allow them to have a more broad education, giving them a more rounded outlook. The parents who choose to home school their children will argue that they are helping them. Whereas the parents who decide on using the public school system will think otherwise. There have been many studies done on the effects of homeschooling and public schools, and the effect that they have on how children are allowed to socialize in these environments. While homeschooling may have a few upsides, it comes with a few downsides as well, the same can be said about sending kids to public schools too.

It is easy to see some of the obvious reasons why parents might decide on pulling their kids out of schools and giving them home lessons, like drugs and in-school violence. They feel that they are protecting their children from the dangers

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