Research Paper On Work Life Balance In Banking Sector

Life Science Journal 2013;10(4)


the day. On one side it proves to be a blessing in

order to overcome the communication barriers but on

the other side it has connected the person in dealing

with so many matters at the same time that

maintaining balance has got difficult.

Employees are asked to keep in touch with the

organization to solve the problem or query when

needed and to address the organization’s issues. On the

other side, families want to remain in communication

with the person on job so that they can also seek help

during the hour of need (Chen, 2004). In addition to

this, Hill (2011) contributed that each life is important

from its own dimensions and perspective and now they

are found to overlap each other. Sometimes, work life

of an individual dominates the personal life of a person,

which results the suffering of relations of individual.

Similarly, when the personal life becomes dominating,

the professional performance of the employee is

negatively affected which turns out to be an issue for

the management. In conclusion, neither life should not

be directed toward the suffering and ignorance nor

should be prioritized over the other one (Mellow,


The mobile can make a person available at

workplace all the times, and similarly a person is

available for social interaction all the time (Weinberg

& Cooper, 2007) .The impacts at the workplace of

social intervention with the professional duties and

responsibilities are negative because of the diverted

attention. People are connected to each other and with

the activities which are not favorable during the

working hours through mobile phones. The solution to

this problem can be the prohibited use of mobiles for

non-relevant purposes at lower hierarchy staff, such as

the staff on the reception desk may not be allowed to

use mobile phone, whereas the staff such asa person

responding the loan service representative, and other

department such as help in coordination department to

answer the queries on phone. The use of mobile phone

is not however restricted for managerial staff and the

disciplines for them are flexible for the interaction that

they can make on phones and other mediums. The

implementation of internet filters can block the

unwanted websites at work place such as the websites

for social communications.

2.5 Organizations with disbalanced work-life

Organizations have various goals and objectives

which are attained through employees’ efficiency and

effectiveness in the given time period. However, when

organizations are not able to generate the outcomes in

the available time, employees are needed to work in

their off timings too. On the other side, employees

remain in touch with their families during the office

time and they have communication with them during

the office work, which keeps their attention diverted to

different things (Lockett, 2012). This ultimately causes

serious problems for the management of the

organization to keep its employees focused toward

their work and meet the targets.

According to H.L. Kaila (2005), when the

personal life is connected with the professional life,

sometimes it brings good news, which has a positive

impact over the performance of the employee while

some get bad news from the social life, then it creates

aggressiveness, stress, tension, and suffering in the

employees which becomesa problem for the

organization in various ways. For an individual, both

the social and the professional life must be equally

important to get satisfied.

2.6 Social life affected due to disbalanced work-life

According to Human Kinetics research (2010),

social life of an individual is very important because

many lives are connected with a single individual for

their issues and problems resolving ways. When an

individual comes back from the work, then individuals

back at home expect complete deliverance of time

from him, but when after coming back and one’s mind

is still dedicated to the different issues of work and

unable to communicate with the family members

causes real problem for him. Family demands time

from each other so that they can interact with each

other, understand the problems, and hunt out the ways

through which they can resolve one another problems.

Tucholka, Weese, (2007) said that employees

have searched out different ways through which they

can dedicate their maximum time to the work and get

the desired outcomes so that they can get rewarded and

provided with different incentives and benefits by the

management. These incentives and rewards are then

used for the fulfillment of social needs, but still there

should be limits for the intervention of the professional

life in one’s personal life. So I conclude that the

benefits from the organization are also enjoyed in the

social life by an individual.

2.7 Work-life balance management

According to Paludi, Neidermeyer, (2007)

organizations have found that it is not appropriate for

an individual to dedicate their life completely to the

organization and ignoring their personal lives. To have

healthy relations and social life of employees help

organization in improving and developing the

personalities of employees in the organization. It is so

because healthy social atmosphere gives an individual

to think healthy. They will also be motivated to utilize

their skills and knowledge in an effective and most

appropriate way, which helps in the extraction of

favorable outcomes for the organization itself.

In order to have a healthy mind of employees,

organizations are involved in providing different

facilities to their employees such as the holidays,

vacations, leaves, tours and other ways through

employees get relaxed and have a healthy time with

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