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Jenna Fenwick Chad Reece English 101 September 12,2016

“Bros Before Hos”

This is a rhetorical analsis on !ichael "immel#s $

 Bro’s before Hos”.

"immel arg%es that o%ng men belie&e the m%st 'ollow a %nrealistic $(% Code) based on the ideas o' other men in their li&es* +&erall, "immel#s article is pers%asi&e based on his claims, sit%ation, p%rpose,and a%dience* hat are "immel#s claims- "immel has one ma.or claim with two minor claims* /n  paragraph 6 "immel makes his ma.or claim that $the (% Code) is the collection o' attit%des, &al%es, and traits that all together 'orm what it means to be called a man 34* hile %sing the 'act that men want to be considered a man among other men in paragraph 151, beca%se the ha&e listened to the men in there li&es to %nderstand the ideas o' masc%linit 74* /' men are crossing the line o' masc%linit the are considered $ga) d%e to the $gender police) watching g%s e&er mo&e 304* So "immel is making the main claim o' men ha&e to con'orm to $the (% Code) in order to be considered a man* The minor claims "immel makes s%pports his ma.or claim in which the ideas o' masc%linit that men learn 'rom men in there li&es de&elops a g% code and men are watched b other men to make s%re the walk, talk, eat and wear clothes like a

English September 5, 2012 Guyland Essay Guyland Essay Kimmel’s essay “Bros before Hoes: The Guy Code” discusses the importance of gender identity and how men define themselves. Unlike girls, guys have an unwritten yet crucial set of rules they need to adhere to in order to be accepted by their peers. Kimmel claims the concealment of emotions and showing dominance are some of the common attributes men exhibit to abide by this code of conduct. Men can’t cry or show infirmity without being negatively labeled and made fun of. How men devote themselves to this list of rules labeled the “Guy Code,” and why they will do anything for acceptance from their male peers sums up the main idea of Kimmel’s essay. For guys it’s always better to fit in, rather go against the typical male stereotypes. Boys look up to their fathers and older siblings when they’re young to emulate

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