2004 Apush Dbq Essay Sample

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In 1754, a war between Britain and France with their Indian allies broke out in North America that came to be known as The French and Indian War. The war ended in 1763 with the Treaty of Paris where Britain acquired Spanish Florida and all remaining French North American land (Document A). Throughout the war and for some time after, the actions of the American Colonies’ Mother Country caused many colonists to feel some resentment towards them. The French and Indian War created tension between Great Britain and the American colonies politically through the expansion of borders, economically through extreme taxes, and ideologically through taxation without representation.
The expansion of the borders of the English territory through the Treaty of Paris of 1763 created a strain between Political relations with Great Britain. During the war, the Indians fought alongside France to hopefully keep the white settlers of the American colonies out of their land. When France gave up their acquired land with the Treaty of Paris in 1763, the British had full control over it. Most Indian groups felt like the colonists had no right to settle there (Document B). To avoid yet another conflict with Native groups, the British issued the Royal Proclamation of 1763 which banned colonists from settling west of a line on the Appalachian Mountains. This aggravated colonists, as they believed that once Britain acquired the French land, they would be free to inhabit the area (Document E). In all, the colonists felt as if they were “Englishmen born… debarred Englishmen’s liberty” and their Mother country was ruling over them without actual representation. (Document D)
Great Britain and the American colonies economic relationship was as well strained by the extreme taxes imposed to pay off the debt from the French and Indian War. Even after the war was over British troops remained stationed in the North America, resulting in a massive debt (Document F). Britain was in desperate need of...

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